A Chinese New Year Dinner — February 23, 2013

Chinese New Year is a nostalgic time for us. Recollections of Chinatown banquets punctuate our childhood in mid-90s New York – the endless parade of steaming plates, lectures on the symbolism of each dish, swimming repetitions of flashing colors, the feeling of thick polyester napkins and turning heavy glass lazy Susans. Invoking these memories, we created our own Chinese New Year feast influenced by both the near and distant past, new and old traditions; part reminiscence, part reimagined.   


To Start
Lucky Ham Packets
fried spring roll-wrapped Chinese ham jerky

Steamed 'Big Hug' Dumplings
Chinese spinach, shiitake mushroom,
smoked tofu, carrot

Claypot Rice
lap cheong, gnap, Chinese spinach, enoki

Char Siu
barbecued pork belly

Rose Hearts Heirloom Salad
watermelon radish, cucumber

Prosperity & Harmony Fish
ginger, tamari, scallion, cilantro

Long Life Noodles
lamb, cumin, chili oil

Happy Sesame Ice Cream
toasted black sesame, flaky sea salt, mint

Honey Bourbon Chrysanthemum Hot Toddy
Mango Juice Box Collins

Photography by Monica So and music co-curated by HASH Magazine