REM — April 12, 2014

We have always been fascinated by dreams. Visually and conceptually, dreams play on our emotions, experiences, and all of our senses, both when we're dormant and echoing in remembrance while we're awake. They belie a network of resonant patterns, pulsing brainwaves and cyclical imagery resembling wakefulness, but are in defiance of time and logic. They are so quotidian, yet so fundamental; so simple and automatic but still we have little insight into their science.  

With REM, geometric forms, patterns, and texture were used to imitate a suspension of reality and convey how a dream can feel so tangible yet is, in actuality, so fleeting. Nestled in Patina Vintage Rentals' showroom-maze of vintage pieces and relics from days past was a world both familiar and foreign – a framework for the coursed meal as an exercise in subliminal pacing, crescendoes and waves, marked by an element of the surreal.